Laos is sometimes referred to as the sleepy country, but in fact, more and more foreigners spend their holidays in Laos. It is the laid-back atmosphere of this country that can powerfully attract many guests. Without many skyscrapers or upscale entertainment parks, Laos is attractive and charming itself. Its highlights are peaceful landscapes, virgin nature, and friendly residents. For your upcoming travel to Laos from Italy, being equipped with several great notes make the trip even more satisfactory than ever. So, to live the slow-paced life in a week or more, spend your time off in Laos.

People don’t praise Laos with the adjectives like “modern, new, or bustling.” Rather, what makes this country worthwhile for holidays are the tranquil countryside atmosphere in which even the racing mind can be released. In Laos, the travelers of Italy or any other nations can put stress behind the back, and start cherishing the authentic ecotourism in almost every corner. It is a common sight to see the plain houses, lush forests, untamed rivers, and heavenly waterfalls. More interestingly, called “A Land of A Million Elephants,” Laos values the big animals. Tourists should not miss Elephant Village Sanctuary in Luang Prabang where to experience the elephant riding activity through the dense jungles and across spectacular rivers. Moreover, some fantastic destinations in Laos refer to Luang Namtha, Plain of Jars, Si Phan Don (4000 Islands), Vang Vieng, and Bolaven Plateau. Each venue offers the fascinating grounds for different excitement.

Visa to Laos for the Italian Passport Holders

The residents of Italy are obligated to enter Laos with a visa on hand. Just do one of the followings to meet the requirements of Laos Visa Italy.

(1) Go to Laos Embassy in the nearest region to your home country to apply for the paper visa. Note that there is no Laos Embassy in Italy at present. The in-person visit requires you to bring some critical documents, including the original passports of yours (with minimum 06 months of validity before your entry date), the filled application form, the photos in passport sizes, and some cash to pay the processing fee in the office. In addition, make sure there is at least one blank page to be stamped on your passport. The paperwork might take 3-5 business days.

(2) Use services of Laos Visa on Arrival. The Italian passport holders are eligible to get the Laos Visa upon their arrival at the Vientiane, Pakse, Luang Prabang, or Savannakhet International Airport. Also, the visa on arrival is available in some overland points of entry between Laos and the other nations namely Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and China. With the valid passports, you just come there to pick up the Laos travel visa easily.

Tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos

Tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos

Flights to Laos from Italy

Proceed with the next step to book Laos flight from Italy. The online booking services facilitate you to sort out those of the most suitable flight tickets, and you can book 24/7. Suppose that your departure airport is Rome Airport and the arrival airport is Luang Prabang Airport. Then, consider working with Emirates (via Dubai and Bangkok), Vietnam Airlines (via Paris and Hanoi or Frankfurt and Hanoi), Etihad Airways (via Abu Dhabi and Bangkok, Air France (via Paris and Bangkok), or Qatar Airways (via Doha and Bangkok). The options might vary due to your different input, such as the different departure airports of Milan Linate Airport, Milan Malpensa Airport, or Venice. So, based on your certain circumstances, search for the suitable flights to Laos from Italy at the attractive airfares. You can, of course, come up with dozens of options to sort out.

Laos Tour Packages for Citizens of Italy

If you have around one week off, this duration is just perfect to enjoy Laos Tour Packages from Italy. Many ideal packages are run from 6 to 8 days. Of course, the travelers can customize for more or less due to their circumstances. As you might know, Laos travel destinations for the Italian tourists to discover are dozens. And for your references, the top names include Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Pakse, Si Phan Don, Vang Vieng, Luang Namtha, Plain of Jars, and Bolaven Plateau. The well-arranged itineraries should cover several leading landmarks, and you had better select the smartly inclusive offers amongst the sea. Know that the beauty of Laos might lie in the simple things, from the peaceful villages to the pure nature. Though those traits are simple, they become valuable for the exhausted visitors who want to steer clear of stress.

During 6 or 8 days in Laos, the Italian citizens are motivated to experience and feel the local charm via several activities. For instance, Luang Namtha has the green, remote, and untamed settings for you to do trekking in an authentic way. The scenic destination has dense forests, old tracks, imposing mountains, and marvelous waterfalls. Also, expect to meet the ethnic villages along the trails. For the moments of getting immersed in pure beaches, just go to Si Phan Don – the spectacular archipelago of 4000 islands, but three stand out: Dong Khong, Don Det, and Don Khon. And if you are curious and fond of the unexplained things, why not discover Plain of Jars? Perhaps, you are the ones that can unveil the secrets.

The cuisine is the other great trait to experience in Laos. Make sure you can tell your friends or family members how some Laos Food is when they ask you after the trip. Therefore, take your opportunities to savor dishes of rice, noodle, fish, chicken, pork, and vegetables. The daily menus often include rice and the fried fish, so don’t be surprised!

Travelers enjoy their happy holiday in Laos (Photo: Maria Eduarda)

Travelers enjoy their happy holiday in Laos (Photo: Maria Eduarda)

Popular Dishes in Laos for Foodies from Italy

While Italy is famous for succulent pizzas, Laos is reputable for Larb. Including the thin slices of meat or fish flavored with fish sauce, chili, lime juice, and more, Larb is the culinary symbol in Laos nationwide. The other favorite dish can be found greatly in Luang Prabang; it is Kaipen – the river weed snack whose taste is just enchantingly crispy enough to make you remember Laos food forever.

We hope that all above tips are useful for you on planing the trip to Laos. If you have more question on travel to Laos from Italy, please do not hesitate to send us by email to or chat with our agent!

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