Savannakhet is the capital of the province with the same name in the south of Laos. The capital is set alongside the Mekong River that makes it highly spectacular. About its name, Savannakhet is popularly shortened to ‘Savan’ and is officially titled as ‘Kaysone Phomvihane’. The attractive capital has the measured population of 120,000, so it the Laos’ second largest city. You know what? Savannakhet town is the significant hub that is bordered by Thailand to the west, Vietnam to the east, Vientiane to the North, and Parkse to the South. For all good reasons, Savannakhet is surely worth an exploration.

Quick Travel Guide to Savannakhet

Savannakhet is populous and active. It facilitates the commercial communication between Thailand and Vietnam in the great way. The land is also noted for the ethnic groups of Thai and Mon-Khmer. Informatively, the Savannakhet town is set on the Mekong River bank that faces the Mukdahan town in Thailand. So, the sight from the idyllic town of Laos is greatly preferred by many guests. The province covers the lowland area that is ideal for agriculture, and the rice fields here are the good backdrops for photographing.

Savannakhet also hosts several impressive stupas, temples, and French colonial-era buildings. Yes, every site in Laos is spotlighted with a couple of religious structures, and temples are the most common ones.

What to Experience in Savannakhet?

The tourists worldwide take Savannakhet for the good stop before they go see the famous ruins of Wat Pho close to Champasak. And the town itself has the full competence to please the tourists in Laos. Do feel free to explore the town on foot, by bicycle, or motorbike. With the bicycle and motorbike, you can further visit the surrounding attractions.

The pretties part of Savannakhet town is reported to be Wat Xayaphoum where the tranquil atmosphere is naturally authentic. The Wat dated back to the end of the 16th century and has been reformed and inhabited by many monks as well as novices. It is in the city center along the bank of Mekong River. Significantly, the Pee Mai Lao (The Lao New Year Festival), and Boun Suang Huea (Boat Racing Festival) following the Buddhist Lent are celebrated here.

Besides, That Ing Hang Stupa is the holy site and among the most revered attractions in Laos. In every December, the Buddhists come to the sacred site to join the Boun Pha ceremony. The momentous stupa is settled 13km north-east of Savannakhet. Along with that, Kaysone Phomvihane’s House is the residence of the former leader of Laos that embraces the historical values. So, if you are going on a historical tour, don’t miss the momentous house!

The Savannakhet Tours also take you to Dinosaur Museum. Sound great? Just pay 5,000 kips to see the dinosaur fossils and the interesting skeleton. Please note that the photographing is not allowed inside the museum. Plus, we just want to let you know another great site in Savannakhet: the Catholic Church and central plaza in the old French style here. These buildings are the precious heritages from the mid-20th-century French colonization in Laos.

Travel to Savannakhet town, the thriving tourism hub in Laos, so that you can fully check how the idyllic town wins the interest of the nature lover, history fancier, and Buddhism follower.

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