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The decent town of Pakse in Laos is not the paradise of pubs and bars for the night owls. Rather, Pakse nightlife should be mostly invested in the public restaurants and coffee shops in which the Laos food and drink are ready to serve. The young locals and energetic tourists find it sensitive to cherish their days of youth and health during the night out in Pakse featured with soft music, good food, and strong coffee.

Visit Good Restaurants in Pakse at Night

When the sun goes down, it’s point to leave the hotels and head towards the nightlife centers in Pakse. Some of the must-see restaurants should be Jasmine Restaurant, Hasan Indian Restaurant, and Le Panorama. These dining spots usually close at 22:30. Though the party girls and boys claim that the restaurants in Pakse close so early, it is the local habit to respect.

In particular, the rooftop restaurant like Le Panorama is the wonderful venue to savor the fantastic foods and drinks, as we as the fabulous view of Mekong River. The quality of the food is worth well the prices while the dining ambiance perfects your night out with good music and friendly patrons.

Enjoy Excellent Coffee Shops in Pakse after Sunset

Bolovens Cafe in Pakse, LaosIt’s motivated to savor the Pakse nightlife right in the famous local coffee shops namely Kutuad Coffee, Panda Café, and Bolaven Cafes. Each of these shops serves the classic coffee and caffeinated beverages in the lovely settings. The free Wi-Fi and big menus in the shops drive more and more young people to visit them at leisure. The coffee shops will close at 22:30; so, if you want to explore them thoroughly, please come early to have seats.

Explore Nightclubs in Pakse

Victory hi-tech nightclub in Pakse LaosPakse knows that the party-loving people need the nightclubs to cherish sundowners. Therefore, it has Victory Hi-Tech, King Junior Nightclub or Barzaa Pub to fulfill your nightlife in Pakse. The young locals strongly love this nightspot in which they enjoy drinking and dancing. In the joyful ambiance, the participants remain sleepless, even though it is quite late.

Go Shopping in Champasak Plaza Shopping Centre

Champasak shopping center in Pakse, LaosYour evening in Pakse will be much meaningful and exciting if you use it to go shopping souvenirs for family and friend. If agreed, just check out Champasak Plaza Shopping Centre to pick the favorite silk, cloth, electronic item, etc. Though the shopping zone in Pakse is not as expensive as the one in Luang Prabang or Vientiane, the gifts purchased in Pakse mark their matchless specialty.

Relax with Massage in The Clinic Keo Ou Done

How about night massage? The Clinic Keo Ou Done is the superb address to find all kinds of massage in Pakse including traditional massage with oil, sauna, feet treatment, etc. Going inside this “healthcare center”, you enter the clean and cool environment to feel the topmost relaxation. On the road to this nightlife hub, don’t forget to enjoy riding tuk-tuk at least once to see how exclusive the experience is! Nonetheless, please note that tuk-tuk can be difficult to find, especially in the late evening. For the assured use, try making an appointment with the tuk-tuk driver to take you back to the hotel at the particular time.

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