Laos is a destination of surprises, including the experience of sleeping in a treehouse and zip-lining high from a house to another house on the trees. And if you are lucky, it’s possible to see the gibbons roaming around their homes in Nature. Also, you might even make friends with a variety of wildlife. In particular, Houayxay Laos is a venue to try out this exciting experience. Get full tips on Sleeping in a Treehouse in Houayxay Laos here !

Treehouses in Houayxay with Gibbon Experience

The Gibbon Experience Organization built several impressive treehouses in the jungles nearby Houayxay Village that attract the adventurers and holidaymakers who want a night in the house on the tree. As the adventure becomes quite well-known, people should book their tour packages in advance. At present, there are three tours including Classic Experience, Water Experience, and Express Experience. While the Classic and Water Experiences takes 2 nights / 3 days, the Express Experience is the trip of 1 night / 2 days. Let’s check with Laos Tour Operator for private trip!

Before zip-lining to the treehouse, you need to sign the waiver letter. Then, you get the gloves for the zip-lines and receive the safety instructions with the other holidaymakers who will share the houses. It’s the one-hour drive from Houayxay to the gate of Nam Kan National Park. There you continue the one-hour hiking through the stream and uphill. Deeper and deeper, you step into the Laos’ dense jungle. In the designated gathering spot, you receive the zip-line gear to reach the house on the tree. The instructions are standing by side to ensure that you can zip-line toward the treehouse successfully.

Sleeping in a Treehouse in Houayxay and Gibbon Experience in Laos

Sleeping in a Treehouse in Houayxay and Gibbon Experience in Laos

The treehouse tour packages with Gibbon Experience includes the lunch served by the cooking crew on the treehouses. Two guides are assigned to take care of a group, staying with that group throughout the tour duration. In the special house, spread the eyes as far as possible to enjoy the spectacular jungle view. When it comes to sunset, only you know how beautiful it is. And when it is time to take a shower, enjoy bathing in the free nature and overlooking the dramatic jungle view. This might become one of the most exciting bathing moments that you’ve ever enjoyed. Often, you will notice that there are some other groups relaxing in the peak of the trees not far away from your house. So, don’t worry as you are NOT alone in the forest ground.

What’s more, the Gibbon Experience provides the opportunities for zip-lining from treehouse to treehouse. Yes, you are flying over the Laos’s primitive jungle at the admirable height. The long zip-lines allow you to contemplate the forest, valley, lake, and even wildlife. So, take your time looking around while flying above the jungles of Laos.

Tips to sleep well in the treehouses

  • Remember to bring earplugs so that you can sleep at night. The jungles get pretty noisy because of the wildlife sounds as well as the other groups’ noises which are not far away from your treehouse. The earplugs become very useful, believe it.
  • Try to pack light as much as possible so that you don’t need to worry about the weight of the backpacks while you are zip-lining from treehouse to treehouse. Because you have to carry most of the belongings in the backpack with you throughout the days in the jungle, pack light is the key. Left the unnecessary items at home.
  • Know the safety instructions before you start zip-lining to the house on the tree. At the dazzling height, the treehouse might not be reached easily. You need to know the how-to to get there safely.
    Tips to sleep well in the treehouses in Laos

    Tips to sleep well in the treehouses in Laos

The Zip-line and Tree-top Hotel in Houayxay Laos provide the terrific views and amazing experiences that you cherish long. Try it at least once soon!

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