Knowing the special things to do in Laos makes your trip to this laid-back country more enjoyable with the life-changing effects. Check out these top experiences and spend time for any of them when you are on an Indochina vacation.

#1: Enjoy Gibbon Experience in Bokeo – Top Adventure in Laos

This special adventure calls more thrill-seekers to Laos, who appreciate The Gibbon Experience by hiking through the dense jungle, sleeping in the houses on the treetops, and enjoying Zipline to access the wooden houses. There is a chance that you can meet the elusive and endangered gibbons in the green site. Staying friendly with Nature makes almost everybody happy enough to enjoy the Laos travel to the fullest.

As Bokeo is the pristine and scenic destination in the north of Laos, it is definitely ideal for ecotourism and the wild holiday taste. When you do The Gibbon Experience in Bokeo, you discover the “hidden paradise” and the enthralling Nature Reserve which only a few places in the world can compare. The safari and nature-friendly time in the lush forest, wooden houses, and off-the-beaten-track vibe can charm you well. Also, it is nice to interact with Laos’s ethnic group right in Bokeo. It is the homestay in the houses on the trees amidst the jungle is unique and special. Bathing in the open-air bathroom is great, also.

Sleeping in a Treehouse in Houayxay and Gibbon Experience in Laos

#2: Bike Tour from Vientiane to Luang Prabang – Amazing Thing to do in Laos

Think of the biking trail from Vientiane to Luang Prabang if you have around 3-week vacation. The possible stops of this bike tour might include Vang Vieng and Xayaboury Province. If you go on this route, expect to feast eyes with the picturesque rice fields, the idyllic Laotian villages, and the friendly locals. Pedaling on the bike to see the hidden corners of Laos, from Vientiane to Luang Prabang, is one of the most exciting ways that all bikers appreciate. But if the long trip seems impossible for you, there are also the packages for the day trips with the shorter bike trails. This kind of outdoor adventure appeals to the bikers all over the world. As always, it’s best to enjoy cycling together with the certified tour guide who is there to assist.

Bike from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng (Photo credit Katie Moss)

Bike from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng (Photo credit Katie Moss)

#3: Boat Ride through Kong Lor Cave – Unique Thing to Do in Laos that Changes your Mind

Situated in Khammouane Province, in the heart of Laos, the magnificent Kong Lor Cave (or Tham Kong Lo) is 7.5km long and carved naturally by the Hinboun River running through it for decades. Taking a boat trip through the mystic cave and marvel at how the emerald pool is shining and how the rocky ceilings of more than 91-meter height exist. The masterpiece of Nature makes your boat ride incredibly special and unforgettable. Most of you will find it hard to forget the glowing emerald pool as well as the grandiose high ceilings. The spectacle inside the fantastic Kong Lor Cave can mesmerize the visitors, making them feel like they are discovering the untouched fairy grotto. Visiting the Kong Lor Cave is the greatly recommended thing to do in Laos.

The mega-size karst grotto belongs to the Phu Hin Bun National Park of Laos, ensuring it to be amongst Southeast Asia’s most wonderful geological attractions. The limestone formations encourage your sense of imagination while the emerald pool creates the enchanting backdrops for sightseeing and photographing. There must be some moments when you wonder how the awesome cave was made. Besides boating, this river cave is best for kayaking in which the passengers look up the impressive ceilings and touch the limestone cliffs. Inside the mega-size cave, you feel the strength and grandeur of Nature. As a result, you might come to cherish and respect Nature.

Boat Ride through Kong Lor Cave in Laos

Boat Ride through Kong Lor Cave in Laos

#4: Homestay Experience with a Hmong or Khmu Family – Authentic Thing to Do in Laos

With the preserved tradition and culture, the “Land of a Million Elephants” provides the peaceful, friendly, and slow-paced lifestyle which is authentic enough to exhilarate your homestay experiences, especially with the Hmong or Khmu family. In particular, those going on the Laos trek tours are likely to book the homestay packages to mingle with the ethnic groups. The homemade meals served in the Hmong houses usually interest the overseas guests. The friendly hosts treat you as the valued guests.

With this experience, you see happiness can be found from the simple things. Homestay in the remote parts of the country, you stay away from the city bustle; it is the best time to meditate on the life meanings and set out the new life targets. When you come back, you are the new self who is positive, healthy, and happy. Partaking in the life of the different culture is memorable.

Homestay at a Khmu family

Homestay at a Khmu family in Laos

#5: Tubing down the Nam Song River – The Crazy Experience to Enjoy in Laos

Vang Vieng in Laos is a tourism-oriented lovely town which is most famous for the tubing activity. By tubing down the picturesque Nam Song River, you become a part of Nature and contemplate the water world of Laos in an exciting manner. Floating downstream and stopping at the riverside bars of Vang Vieng are the interesting things to in Laos for adventurous travelers. In the bars, you find the joyful atmosphere to play drinking games, Laos Beer, eating Laos’s food, mingling with other expats and locals, etc. Whenever you want, get back to the tube and continue heading down the river. Amidst the imposing water world, you are totally relaxed, with no hassle.

About 250km from Vientiane capital, Vang Vieng owns the enthralling karst hills and the attractive Nam Song River that enhance the outdoor tubing experiences which never fail to exhilarate the thrill-seekers. This activity is not for those who cannot swim. Besides, it’s recommended to go river tubing with at least one companion; so join a group in your hotel.

Tubing down the Nam Song River

Tubing down the Nam Song River

With the top life-changing experiences in Laos, chilling out in this Indochina area is a great idea for sure.

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