Meaning the hills of paradise, Phonsavan has attracted holidaymakers to Laos who come to witness the enigmatic and inexplicable site: Plain of Jars. Travel to Phonsavan sounds inspiring to many people, but some still feel unwilling to go just because they feel worried about the status of hotels and guesthouses in this laid-back city. So, where to stay in Phonsavan? For a successful trip and a sound night, please concern yourself with the following reliable accommodation in Phonsavan – the lodging paradise for backpackers.

#1: Lieupi Mixay Guesthouse

Expect to pay under $10 per night to lay your head in Lieupi Mixay Guesthouse! On arrival, you see the spotless and modern room, the sparkling tiled floor, the thick quilt, hot water bathroom, etc., for the standard rest. The backpackers are usually advised to stay in this budget digs when they are in Phonsavan; so, it’s highly recommended to all.

#2: Sabaidee Guesthouse

The other fantastic lodging for the backpackers in Phonsavan should always be Sabaidee. Within the price of under $10 per night, this guesthouse is in favor of the budget patrons who evaluate the reasonable room prices, the good information on the wall, the homelike atmosphere, and motorbike rental. All of these lovely traits ensure you to have the good time in Phonsavan as the successful backpackers. Take this digs in Phonsavan!

#3: Phoukham Guesthouse

Just under $10 per night, Phoukham is still the trustworthy budget option for the backpackers who only want a safe place to rest in Phonsavan. The condition of this guesthouse may not totally satisfy the newcomers because the bed is old and the furniture is not eye-catching. However, at least, the room is equipped with basic facilities, and the hot water bathroom with the Western-style toilet are the bonuses.

#4: Kong Keo Guesthouse

Once again, under 10$ for a night, Kong Keo is in the budget category. The highlights of this guesthouse are the good-looking garden in the front, the fine entrance, and the propitious location to Bamboozle restaurant & bar. Besides, Kong Keo owns the very chummy staff who are willing to serve you via the cute “point-and-smile” approach.

#5: White Orchid Guesthouse

Priced from $10 to $20 per night, the White Orchid has long attracted many patrons and its heyday circa was in 1987. Thanks to the positive work of the owners, the guesthouse owns the immaculate and tidy rooms, the well-trained and chummy employees, which make it the top-of-the-top lodging alternative for the tourists.

#6: Anoulack Khen Lao Hotel

This is the mid-range hotel in Phonsavan that you cannot go wrong. Remarkably, this hotel owns the bar fridge, the very gentle bed, cable TV, free Wi-Fi in every room, etc., which attracts groups of tourists. Plus, the onsite restaurant on the fifth floor serves you breakfast. You can also eat there at any time if pre-booking. Anoulack Khen Lao Hotel is the pleasant choice for a bit more comfort during your stay in Phonsavan.

#7: Vansana Plain of Jars Hotel

This is the remarkable mountain hotel in Phonsavan, gaining fame for the decent outdoor pool, the Laos authentic restaurant and bar, free parking, free airport shuttle, and more. Especially, it is the location of Vansana that sets it apart; from here, you can easily access the town’s famous sites namely Phonsavan Market, Plains of Jars, and Xiengkhouang Provincial Administration Offices.

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