Set adjacent to Nam Song River, Vang Vieng town covers a wide range of hotels and guesthouses to suit the visitors’ funds and tastes. For any newcomer that is about to arrive in Vang Vieng and doesn’t know where to lay the heads yet, a brief guide to accommodation sounds helpful indeed. From the 5-star hotels to the basic lodgings, where to stay in Vang Vieng in particular? The answers are as follows.

Top Guesthouses in Vang Vieng Laos


First, Domon is the favorite lodging among backpackers who appreciate the beautiful view of surrounding lake as well as the spotlessly clean rooms that are priced very reasonably. It is one of the top Vang Vieng guesthouses for the new guests to relax well before venturing into a spiritual journey in this Buddhism mecca.

Next, Vilayvong Guesthouse does have the bright, modern, and clean rooms for the holidaymakers. In fact, this is the popular, value-for-money accommodation address that suits the budget range from USD$10 to USD$20 per night. So, if you just want a standard place to lay the heads and sleep soundly, this is a reliable establishment to stop by.

Besides, the full-of-smile lodging is in Dokboua Guesthouse – the family-run establishment for all budget tourists to stay with ease. Centrally positioned, this guesthouse is usually packed with holidaymakers who are first impressed by its propitious location and elegant face. And if you move toward the south end of Vang Vieng town, you will come across Kianethong Guesthouse – the promising destination to sleep in a safe and comfortable manner. Most of the rooms are well-equipped, and the beds are in the standard conditions for the rightly relaxing stay. In the same area of the south end of town, Khamphone Guesthouse gains fame for the tranquil atmosphere, fresh air, and cozy room to cheer up the customers; if you’re keen on these strong traits, come here.

Moreover, the experienced backpackers to Vang Vieng mostly vote for Pany Guesthouse – the two-story block establishment with the sparkling clean rooms and the sufficient amenities for relaxation such as air conditioner, mini fridge, flat screen TV, desk, etc. What should you need more for a guesthouse? You find almost everything necessary in Pany.

Worthwhile Hotels in Vang Vieng Laos


The first luxury choice is Villa Nam Song, the lovely riverside hotel offering the high-end lodging conditions to the tourists. Located in an impressive garden, this upscale hotel attracts the eyes for luxury; it has the elegant interiors, the hardwood floors, valuable furniture, and more just to enhance the sense of comfort. In the same sense, the Riverside Boutique Resort is the upscale address to surprise everybody traveling to Vang Vieng.

An ideal mid-range hotel choice is Malany Villa 1 that offers the spacious and well-equipped rooms to meet the requirements for the mid-range day-and-night stay. While the essential facilities are available, the hotel services are extremely excellent and friendly. The other fascinating mid-range hotel to explore is Inthira Hotel that used to be the only upscale lodging in Vieng Vang. But, time changes and makes Inthira the mid-range choice today. Anyhow, this address is still appealing with the superior rooms. What’s more, another appropriate choice to save the budget is Elephant Crossing Hotel that receives the clients’ five-star comments. While the river and mountain views from the balconies are imposing, the room conditions in the Elephant Crossing may go beyond expectation.

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