Hmong villages in Laos are one of the best cultural treasures protected that appeal to the international guests who want to learn the culture of the ethnic minority group in an authentic way. “Land of a Million Elephants” has three main groups of ethnic minority namely the Hmong, the Khmu, and the Lao Lum. In […]

Laos Hill Tribe Homestay is the most authentic way to feel and experience local culture and lifestyle of the hill tribes by sharing houses with the hosts one or more nights. Just do not expect the touristy trails or the Western living standards; rather, this kind of travel brings a true and different adventure that […]

Homestay Laos village promises to satisfy travelers who want to learn authentic culture and lifestyle of the locals via the overnight stay in their houses. Though you might not understand any of the words spoken around, just smile, watch, and enjoy what is going on. Notably, homestay in a distant hill tribe village in Laos […]

Laos is considered as one of the world’s safest countries for tourism. The peaceful lifestyle, friendly locals and inexpensive living standard do make the country ideal to live in and travel. From the rich culture of Luang Prabang to the backpacker paradise of Vang Vieng, and the gorgeous capital of Vientiane, Laos is surely worth […]