Laos is considered as one of the world’s safest countries for tourism. The peaceful lifestyle, friendly locals and inexpensive living standard do make the country ideal to live in and travel. From the rich culture of Luang Prabang to the backpacker paradise of Vang Vieng, and the gorgeous capital of Vientiane, Laos is surely worth […]

Laos is referred to the name “Million of Elephants” country, the mystical land of Champa lightsome dances. Travelling Laos is travelling the country of temples and festivals. Laos includes people of many ethnics, tribes. Though living by agriculture but unevenin production level so each region has separate cultures from others. Therefore, Laos’ customary is very […]

If you’re looking for a land of festival, Laos is one of the top candidates. Due to the rich culture and religion, Laos is full of the matchless festivals. The tourists coming to this peaceful country will be amazed at its rich collection of the national and regional events that are celebrated due to many […]

Laos is characterized with peace and friendliness, but it doesn’t mean that there is only one group in Laos. According to Laos Government, there are 49 ethnic minorities in the land. Classification of Ethnic Groups in Laos We don’t attempt to list all of the ethnic groups available at Laos nowadays since it is a […]

If your biggest concerns are now the Laotian Religion, you have arrived at the right zone as we master this subject as wished. In fact, you should first begin with the basic ideas about the existing religions in Laos at the present time, including Buddhism, Satsana Phi, Christianity, and some other minor practices of Hinduism, […]

The tourists may come to Laos for various good reasons and Laos Architecture is one of the most exciting stimuli. Based on the profound attachment to Buddhism and animism, the architecture in Laos has long been featured with the Buddha images associated with the animal shapes. Due to the war’s damage, some of the historical […]

Laos holds the great appeal to tourist worldwide, and many people strongly believe that Laos will never lose its appeal. Today, guests coming to Laos witness its positive changes in nature preservation, and tourism-focused infrastructure. More and more restaurants are built in this beautiful country to serve the cuisine hobbyists. While Vientiane offers some good […]

It is better to read Laos travel tips before traveling to this Asian country. The Laos word hello is “Sa Bai Dee”, usually said with a smile. Touching or showing affection I public with embarrass your hosts. Lao people traditionally greet each other by pressing their palms together to “Nop”, although it is acceptable for […]