Luang Prabang Elephant Experience Tour

Are you thinking of Laos travel and wondering what is extraordinary here? If yes, some of the answers might point to the activity of elephant riding in Laos. For the most fantastic Laos exploration, Luang Prabang Elephant Experience Tour (7D6N) is in your favor. The journey will start from Luang Prabang to the Elephant Conservation Center (Xayabouly). Along the way, there stand out various landmarks to fulfill your interest such as Pak Ou Caves, Ban Xanghai Village, Kuang Si Waterfalls, and Kung Si Falls Butterfly Park. Then, once you reach Elephant Conservation Center, expect to interact freely and authentically with the native elephants. It is also exciting to learn about the relationship between the mahouts and the big creatures. Besides the experience in elephant riding through the dense jungle, you can also try establishing what is called socialization area for the giant animals. This 7-day-6-night Luang Prabang Tour offers the refreshing and exhilarating memory in the Land of Elephants, and you will surely love it. Read about the tour price, its inclusion, and exclusion, hotels, etc., for your final choice.

Destinations: Luang Prabang – Elephant Conservation Center (Xayabouly)

  • Daily departure
  • Prices valid until September 2017


Once arrived at the airport, the tour guide will meet and transfer you to check in the hotel. Then, take a rest in the hotel. After that, the city tour gets started. Your first visit is the impressive and revered Wat Xiengthong whose roofs are sweeping down the ground, representing the traditional Laotian architecture. The next attraction to see is Royal Palace Museum where houses lots of precious and fascinating artifacts that you do not want to miss. Then, climb the 329 steps to set foot on the summit of Phousi Hill to spread the eyes fascinatingly to the panorama of the Luang Prabang city as well as the powerful Mekong River.
The day tour keeps going to the bustling Night Market for you to find and buy various lovely handmade textiles created by both the locals and the hill tribe women.

Meals: Non
Accommodation: Hotel in Luang Prabang


The attraction chosen for a happy day tour is Wat Sense which is the oldest temple in Luang Prabang. Later, you get embarked the Nava Mekong Cruise upstream the majestic Mekong River. While cruising, enjoy the fantastic views of the ideal countryside. Then, you reach the mythical Pak Ou Caves in which thousands of the gold lacquered and sacred Buddha statues have been enshrined. The tour is going on with the stopover of Ban Xanghai Village to give some feelings for Laos wine rice. You will have Lao-style lunch on the cruise back to the city.
Along the returning way, there involves the short visit at Wat Visoun which is one of the most ancient temples in Luang Prabang. The history of this temple was in 1513 under the reign of King Wisunarat (Visoun). Later, spend some time exploring what is inside Wat Aham which was functioned as the residence of Sangkharat – the leader of Laos Buddhism. Before the day tour completes, you will appreciate the visit at Traditional Art and Ethnology Center to get some lessons about the Laos’ diverse ethnic culture and tradition.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Accommodation: Hotel in Luang Prabang


For your optional choice: Leave the bed early to take part in the daily morning rituals of the saffron-clad monks who collect the offering Alms (widespread sticky rice) from the kind-hearted locals. That is an exceptional tradition and ceremony in Laos that only the Buddhist nation preserves. Then, the morning is greatly invested in the lively local market nearby the Royal Palace. The market is full of various items that might interest you such as rice, fresh vegetables, frogs, steamed fish, etc., presented in the Lao style. Just find a certain spot to watch how the residents live and enjoy the actual local culture.

After breakfast, the top landmark to see is Kuang Si Waterfalls which are famous for the refreshing and beautiful atmosphere in which everybody can cool off. You can enjoy swimming in the natural pools or trek along the primeval forest trails.

Next, spend time discovering what is preserved in the Kung Si Falls Butterfly Park (the site is closed on Tuesday). The 15-minute tour will leave you with much precious information about the colorful butterflies as well as the interesting flora. What’s more, you might love the short time at the Ock Pop Living Craft Center where enriches your knowledge about the Laos’ silk and female weavers.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Accommodation: Hotel in Luang Prabang


This day of adventure takes you to the pier at Nam Tien Lake in which you get a boat transfer to the center. Once the boat docks, you begin the journey to learn about the local elephants. Take your time to stay at the private bungalow before the lunchtime. Then, have your Lao-style lunch and be ready for a visit to the Elephant Conservation Center (Xayabouly). The available veterinarian and biologist will be in charge of introducing the elephant world to you and explaining some undertaking projects there. You can expect to meet the Elephant Hospital in Laos, observe how the elephants are bathing and playing every day. Some of you might be surprised that the elephants are the great swimmers, and they love water much with the playful characters.

After the bathing time of the elephants, the mahouts will come to show you how they command, get on and off the giant animals. If wanted, you can interact with the elephants, touch their skins and prickly hair. Don’t worry as the mahouts are standing by your side. Also, give the elephants some food by giving it close to their trunk, take their photos and you standing next to the big ones. What’s more, you might want to get the top of the elephant with the mahouts’ help. Many people do love the experience sitting in a chair on the back of the elephant to explore the jungle.

It’s also amusing to see the close relationship between the mahout and the elephants. By using the vocal commands, the mahouts can control the big animals through the thick foliage to their night rest. We will definitely love the interaction with the giant companions to get through the dense Nam Tien forest and feel how exciting it is to stand in the REAL land of elephants. Expect to get much useful information about the biodiversity of the preserved forest. Before the dinner time, you have choices of visiting the museum or soaking in the lake. When it comes to the meal, enjoy the Lao-style food as well as asking something about Laos cocktails if wanted.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Elephant Conservation Center


This day tour is also about the giant companions in the Elephant Conservation Center. Some of you might still want to explore the dense jungle, become its part, and play with the magnificent animals in the protected area. If you like, just ask for the services of elephant riding for a short distance through the forest and physically touch the big creatures.

Once the elephants have drunk water, they will come back to the Socialization Area where they find freedom to interact in the semi-natural living zone. It is the place that the elephants can be themselves as the elephants. You might want to take a walk around the perimeter to see how the big animals live and interact with each other. Furthermore, there are some platforms that allow you to witness how a new herb is coming to life. Such exceptional package and program allow you to approach the actual natural life of the elephants that you find it hard to see elsewhere.

One of the viewing platforms is chosen as a place to serve lunch. Then, it is time for the exciting forest picnic in which you see how to elephant mother and her baby at the nursery. They together play and bath with the mahout standing by side. As the mahout is trusted, he can touch the elephant baby with the mother’s approval.

Later, the boat comes back to the center so that you will meet the veterinarian or biologist again to receive the target training session about the elephants. Know that the elephants in the Center have been trained using the “positive reinforcement” tactics to make it easier for any important treatment. Here, you can witness their treatment work from a secure distance. After that, it’s your choice whether to walk the elephant to the forest.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Elephant Conservation Center


The morning in Xayabouly gives you knowledge about what is called enrichment activities via the explanation of the guide or biologist. For some point, Enrichment is a dynamic procedure for enhancing animal environments within the form of the animal’s behavioral biology. The Center attempts to offer the cognitive enrichment in the context of hidden food, toys, a mud bath, etc. to provide the elephants with the mental stimulation and avoid tedium. So, you might love to help the local team create the so-called socialization area if you like. To do this, cut and hide the food, make elephant toys, etc., to even challenge the giant creatures. Once they come, it is your opportunities to see how they interact with the environment that you have created! Such exciting and exceptional way to play with the elephants will surely interest many individuals.
Then, it is lunchtime at the restaurant, and you say goodbye to the Center’s friendly staff to return to Luang Prabang City.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Accommodation: Hotel in Luang Prabang


Before the time of the departure flight, enjoy some of your spare time. End of Luang Prabang Elephant Experiece Tour 7 Days.

Meals: Breakfast

End of Services


Services included:

• Private and air-conditioned transportation
• Twin shared room accommodation
• Charges for boat trip in the mentioned sights
• English-speaking tour guide
• Entrance fee to mentioned sights
• Meals included in the program
• Government tax and service charge
• Luggage transfer and mineral water

Services excluded:

• Visa stamping fee upon your arrival
• The separately quoted air tickets
• Travel Insurance in all types
• Single room (quoted individually)
• Other foreign language tour guides
• Rates for peak tourist season or special event not mentioned in the inclusion
• Tips, drinks, other personal expenses


• Itinerary is subject to change due on the issues of confirmed flights, road status, and room availability.
• Hotel names listed above might not meet your standard of expectation, typically in the distant region where the accommodation choice is limited.
• Prices are subject to change depending on VAT or other tax increases as well as USD currency fluctuations.


Luang Prabang Elephant Experience Tour 7 Days – Best Prices!

Price per person in US$
Private party of 1 Oct 2016 – 30 Apr 2017 1 May – 30 Sep 2017
1 participants  1336  1268
2 participants  875  822
3-4 participants  756  721
5 -6 participants  699  665
Single supplement  175  140

Where to sleep in Luang Prabang Elephant Experience Tour Package:

• Luang Prabang: My Dream Resort*** (Classic room)
• Xayabouly: Elephant Conservation Center (Bongalow)

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