Laos has some peaceful and charming villages for tourists to unwind and escape. And if you arrive at Luang Prabang, don’t miss a chance to travel to Nong Khiaw (or Nong Kiaw) which is one of the best tourist-known villages in Laos. There must be some reasons why groups of vacationers gather there throughout the year.

#1: The inspiring walking and cycling routes

Nong Khiaw Village possesses the fine routes for walkers and bikers to roam around the countryside landscape and cherish the incomparable peace. Also, the surrounding mountains and hills shower the village with the picturesque view, ensuring the scenic cycling and walking trip. Whether you use a bicycle or go on foot to see some hidden corners of the charming little town, expect to meet many friendly villagers. Without a doubt, several of the friendliest people on this earth are inhabiting there.

Biking at Nong Khiaw Laos

Biking at Nong Khiaw Laos

#2: The ideal site to view Nam Ou River

Located on the bank of the well-known and poetic Nam Ou River, this rustic village offers the fascinating view of the riverscape dotted with the Laos’ traditional boats, simple bridges, floating houses, and residents. Just find your place in the coffee shops or guesthouses along the riversides, contemplate the scenic spectacle, and take pictures of the water life. There are some joyful moments on which the local kids are swimming or the fishermen are throwing the fishnets. So, catch the right moments to enrich your Laos photo album. Also, the boat trip on Nam Ou River is wonderful, letting you see how the river finds its way through the limestone karsts and the beautiful river villages.

#3: Walking to Phathok Cave

This historical Phathok Cave was the bomb shelter during the American bombings. The cave is around 30-minute walking from the village, and it must be the very scenic walking trail. Inside the cave is the historical ambiance which nurtures the local anecdotes while the surrounding is featured with extensive green fields and picturesque valley.

#4: Trekking to 100 Waterfalls

The enthralling adventure to “100 Waterfalls Trail” does attract the nature lovers to feast their eyes with the miraculous waterfall complexes. Discovered in October 2008, the 100 Waterfalls in Nong Khiaw is outstanding with the transparent water flows, the lush jungles, and the sounds of the cascades. There you find several natural ponds to soak it. Overcoming the cascades, you reach the beautiful settings to have lunch, enjoy a picnic, or take a perfect rest. The imposing and pristine waterfall sceneries move beyond the visitors’ expectations for the true beauty of Nature. Note that you don’t see the whole 100 waterfalls, but you hike through them one by one. Besides, the cultural exploration in the little village trail at the summit of the waterfalls is engaging.

Trekking to 100 Waterfalls Nong Khiaw Laos

Trekking to 100 Waterfalls Nong Khiaw Laos

#5: Visiting the Khmu and Hmong Villages

The ideal kind of transport to reach the off-the-beaten-track Khmu and Hmong Villages nearby Nong Khiaw is the mountain bike. Often, it costs 30,000 kips per day to rent a mountain bike. Then, you move eastwards to the ethnic villages, learn their culture, experience their lifestyles, and steer clear of the city bustle.

#6: The Relaxing Resorts

The tour to Nong Khiaw includes no worry about accommodation because you can find lots of good places to lay the heads. For instance, The Mandala Ou is the excellent resort with the infinity pool, the captivating settings, delicious food and drinks, relaxing sauna, etc. This is the fantastic places to rest amidst the beautiful village in which you enjoy the remote taste holiday and are e far away from the bustle and hustle.

Only around 3-hour bus ride from Luang Prabang, the beautiful Nong Khiaw is the fantastic weekend shelter for every nature lover and holidaymaker to escape, definitely.

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