Laos, “A Land of a Million Elephants,” is the next chosen destination for many travelers from any corner of the world, including the New Zealand citizens. If you are the NZ passport holder, there are some concerns that you need to get them solved even before the journey. It refers to the matters of Laos Visa, flights, tour packages, and local food. Travel to Laos from New Zealand has involved some promising tour packages so that you experience the land of the slow-paced life, peaceful countryside, and pristine nature in Laos.

It is a Southeast Asia country which is famous for the serene countryside with the rustic mountains, lakes, islands, waterfalls, etc., and the unexplained Plain of Jars. People find lots of highlights to experience in Laos, and the country is worth adventuring. If you’re long for the new and fantastic journey, then come to experience the authentic elephant ride through the dense forest and virgin rivers in the Elephant Village Sanctuary of Luang Prabang. Or the enjoyable trekking time in the green mecca of Luang Namtha. For relaxing in the middle of the primitive and spectacular islands, you might want to visit Si Phan Don (4,000 Islands). And, the capital of Vientiane cheers you with the beautiful and sacred temples like Pha That Luang and Wat Si Muang.

Visa to Laos for the New Zealand Travelers

New Zealand PassportThe first concern is about “New Zealand Laos Visa.” The NZ passport holders need a visa to enter Laos, and they can choose one of the possible options.

The first option is to visit Laos Embassies and Consulates which is nearest to your living area. Now, the Embassy of Laos has not been established in New Zealand yet, so you have to go to another country to trace the office.Visit this office in person means you have to bring some required documents to process the paperwork. The preparation includes your original passport whose remaining validity is 6 months at least before the entry date (and the blank page to be stamped), the visa application form, the passport-type photos, and cash to pay the fee. The paperwork often takes 3-5 working days. Nonetheless, the 1st option takes longer time and costs more than the 2nd option below.

The second option is to apply for Visa on Arrival to Laos which provides the NZ tourists with the stay of one month. You obtain the Visa at the Laos International Airport (Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Pakse, and Savannakhet) and the other international checkpoints (between Laos-China, Laos-Thailand, Laos-Vietnam, and Laos-Cambodia). Upon your arrival, it’s time to have the Visa stamped on the spot, and pay the stamping fee to complete the procedure and be eligible to explore Laos. The Laos Visa requirements for New Zealand citizens can be proceeded in a convenient way. Then, the tourist visa lets you stay there 30 days, and the chances to ask for visa extension. For your further consideration, make Visa extension twice for the other 30 days in Vientiane. 

Flights to Laos from New Zealand

Flights to Laos from New ZealandThe New Zealand Laos tighten cooperation can be shown via the continuous flights between the two countries, which enhance the mutual travel. Regarding your flight from Auckland International Airport to Vientiane Airport, there are several alternatives to get there: Emirates (via Bangkok), Korean Air (via Seoul), and China Eastern Airlines (via Sydney and Kunming). Or, you can choose to use services of multiple airlines. For example, you depart from Auckland by China Southern Airlines to transit at Guangzhou, and then work with Vietnam Airlines (via Hanoi) to reach Vientiane. In the other cases, you might depart from Christchurch Airport, Queenstown Airport, or Wellington Airport and get to Luang Prabang, Luang Namtha, or Savannakhet Airport. There are lots of different routes for New Zealand to Laos Flights, airlines, and airfares to pick up via the simple clicks.

Laos Tour Packages for Citizens of New Zealand

Luang Prabang LaosThe next concerns about “Laos and New Zealand” is which tour package is right for you. The preferable options often involve 6 – 8 days and cover most of the national highlights in Laos. Before you finalize the choice, understand that the beauty of Laos lies in the simple, friendly, and pristine things. The potential itineraries should include some of these destinations: Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Bolaven Plateau, Vang Vieng, Luang Namtha, Si Phan Don, Plain of Jars, Pakse, and Savannakhet.

The 6-8-day Laos tour packages offer lots of enjoyable activities that you find it hard to resist. It can be the memorable trekking journey in the green mecca of Luang Namtha, the completely relaxing time at the scenic Si Phan Don, or the healthy spiritual adventure in Vientiane. What’s more, Luang Prabang offers the beautiful Mount Phousi, Kuang Si Waterfall, or Pak Ou Cave for the exciting explorations that a few places can compare… See Laos tour 7 days here !

Food is the other great feature to experience in Laos. The New Zealand connoisseurs should expect to taste some local dishes. The symbolic menu often consists of rice (or noodle), fish, chicken or pork, and vegetables. You are likely to find the two ingredients for usage in the tables namely galangal and lemongrass. In the common thoughts, be ready to try Khao Poon (the rice vermicelli soup) and the rice used with dried fish. The travel packages over a week let you savor several authentic Laos’s dishes that you find it hard to forget the tastes.

Popular Laos Food to Eat – Culinary Advice for NZ Tourists

Laos popular foodLaos never lacks the good food to try, but if you ask for the most outstanding culinary options, here are several to savor: Larb (the thin slices of meat or fish flavored with lime juice, fish sauce, chili, etc.), Laos Papaya Salad, and Kaipen (the crispy river weed snack). Of course, the menu in any local restaurant includes more options to try out. It’s good to listen to your tour guides’ recommendations. By the way, make sure you eat the favorite snack of Kaipen if you travel to Luang Prabang. The experience gives you the real feeling about the Laos cuisine. And from this feeling, your delicate palate can evaluate. If possible, consider the Laos cooking sessions.

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