More and more travelers are attracted by Laos via its great peace and stable pace of life. Together with adults, children love investing their days off in the family-friendly activities. With the awesome availability, Laos stands out as the great relaxed destination to travel with children.

What Makes Laos Perfect for Family-friendly Vacation?

For the teenagers, some activities like kayaking and climbing in Vang Vieng make your days fulfill with fun and joy. Provided that your children are the strong swimmers, play with the water is the fun way to get entertained in the afternoon. Ever thought of an elephant ride? It is extremely fun for even the youngest members in the groups. Evolving the sense of friendliness, the elephant ride brings kids closer to the wild animals while the elephant camps offer the perfect interactive experiences. The inspirational Elephant Festival in Sayaboury, in mid-February lasts 3 days and delivers the funny experiences for the whole family.

The family vacation in Vientiane will never lack excitement since there are some swimming pools available in the Vientiane public spots. The child-friendly place of interest suits the little ones’ tastes. While the Waterfront has the playground for the small kids, the spaces around are for the older children to run funnily. How about the Buddha Park? It is created for the fun excursion and knowledge enhancement about many large statues. Though the museums here aren’t very impressive, they are the good resources for the little ones to get improved about the history of Laos in the authentic way. Especially, some of the Wats in Vientiane and Luang Prabang are mysterious and majestic enough to ignite everybody’s spark of interest. Even the youngest member in the family will hold passion for exploring the Wats and praying as well.

In case of foods, please note that Lao food is quite spicy and many dishes even contain chillies. When staying at Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng, please opt for the dishes to indulge your beloved children’s palate! Luckily, there are several family-friendly restaurants accessible that serve you and look after your children in the wholesome way. For instance, Kong Khao and Common Ground have the excellent playing areas for the kids that are keen on the outdoor activities.

Since the Laotians love children, travelling with the small child can call for the local’s great attention. It is totally acceptable in Laos to pinch the cheeks of the others’ children, tickle their bellies or even give them something to eat. The family trips in Laos should be safe, of course. If sickness unexpectedly occurs, visit Vientiane French Medical Centre to meet the pediatricians who speak English very well. Beware of the mosquitoes since malaria can eventually affect a considerable number of people there during the rainy season. Please note that the smallest wounds can be easily infected due to many exterior factors like the heat and dust. Keep them cleaned and bandaged.

All in all, the day-and-night Family Vacation in Laos is completed with the kids’ laughter and happiness. Begin creating a lifetime trip with the young generations so that you can enrich their childhood.

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