Laos is rich in ecotourism as this country not only is warm and friendly but also beautifully natural that urge people to search for a travel guide for Laos Wildlife Tours. With highlights of the distinct mountain, untouched forest, magnetic waterfall, mysterious hot spring, charming lakes, etc., this Indochina region is perfect for wildlife tours all seasons. The nature-friendly activities and cultural experiences with the ethnic villagers should be done in the right direction.

Guidelines to Get Everything You Planned for Laos Wildlife Tours

  • If you bath in public, then women should cover the body from chest to knees.
  • Dress appropriately when you go to the ethnic villages. In particular, women should have their shoulders and knees covered while men should wear shirts or T-shirts.
  • Take off your socks and shoes when you enter a local house.
  • Smile to the locals as smiles beget smiles.
  • The tropical climate and landscape make Laos a haven for a variety of species such as elephant, sun bear, tiger, leopard, Sambar deer, white-cheeked gibbon, dhole, hornbill, etc. And, the best places to spot wildlife are the protected parks that you should follow a tour organized by the local ecotourism units.
  • Do not purchase any wildlife or wildlife products (wildlife souvenirs). Remember that trading wildlife is prohibited in Lao People Democratic Republic. Not buying these items in the market means that you support the efforts to protect the forest and species of flora and fauna.
  • Contact the reliable ecotourism Laos tour operators such as Indochina Charm Travel that provides the local guides, teaching about the local culture and environment, etc.
Zipline - Top Laos Wildlife Tours to Know!

Zipline – Top Laos Wildlife Tours to Know!

Top Laos Wildlife Tours to Know

What are the unique wildlife tours in Laos? To answer this question, the following is an attempt to list out the best ecotourism experiences in Laos that can exhilarate almost everybody.

First, Zipline in Bokeo Gibbon is the unique service to enjoy once in a lifetime when you travel to the northwest of the country. You’ll be able to sleep in the treetop houses at the 30-40m height that are accessible by Zipline. The Gibbon Experience provides the best chances to listen to the jungle sound and perhaps, meet the gibbons.

Second, Laos Trekking Tours are the special services aiming to let people contemplate the pristine trekking trails and connect them to the local villagers. Besides trekking, travelers can also enjoy biking to the villages of the ethnic Hmong and Khmu groups. The beauty of mountains and waterfalls, especially in Luang Prabang and Nong Khiaw is a sure thing to feast eyes. The same senses apply to the Laos Biking Tours for a great time to experience wild Laos.

Third, Nam Nern Night Safari is a great Laos Wildlife Tour to experience in the Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area that is the largest in the country. You will enjoy the 24-hour tour on a long-tail boat which includes a variety of nature-friendly activities such as bird watching, wildlife tracking, moderate hiking, nighttime wildlife spotting, etc.

Fourth, Green Discovery Laos Tours bring people to the intact, rural, yet charming corners of Laos. You can opt for the green journeys to Khammouane Province including the discovery of Cave Kong Lor, kayaking, trekking, and cycling or the travel to Hin Namno National Protected Area.

Often, the wildlife tours bring joy in swimming and hiking around the gorgeous waterfalls, discovering the enigmatic caves, trekking through the pristine trails of orchids and meeting the elephants, etc. Let put these travel guidelines into practice and enjoy the eco-tours to the fullest. There are more than ten nature and wildlife tours in Laos recommended by the tourists worldwide, and it is your turn to experience.

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