Foreign travelers getting to Laos today should be quarantined, recommended by The National Task Force Committee on the Prevention and Control of Covid-19. Particularly in Vientiane capital city, the strict regulations are enforced in order to protect Laos from the deadly virus. Scroll down for more updates about Covid-19 in Laos.

General Status of Covid-19 in Laos

Laos is still safe from the Covid-19, updated until March 19, 2020. The country is applying the stricter, newer regulations which include a quarantine period at the local hospitals for people arriving in Laos who have the Covid-19 symptoms like coughing, high fever, and shortness of breath, or come from the epidemic areas. Besides, quarantine is applied to those who display symptoms as they have had contact with people tested positive on the coronavirus.

Along with that, the self-isolation method is required for those who traveled from the countries, not bordering Laos, which record over 100 cases of infection, though they do not display the symptoms. For the countries bordering Laos, the self-isolation is more complicated. It is required for travelers from provinces bordering Laos with more than 03 confirmed cases. Anybody that has had close contact with people tested positive on the Covid-19 within the last 14 days will be required to self-isolate. Those who are self-isolating should monitor themselves for symptoms within 14 days.

Laos temporarily closes 10 border checkpoints with Vietnam

Laos temporarily closes 10 border checkpoints with Vietnam

Laos temporarily closes 10 border checkpoints with Vietnam

In Huaphan Province bordering Vietnam, temporarily, Laos closed 10 border checkpoints as a way to prevent the deadly virus outbreak. They include Namtai, Thalao, Meauangkeum, Phiengpheua, Mongnam, Nakhang, Pao, Sobdoung, Yothiew, and Daendin. The other four checkpoints that keep open are Namsoiy (Na Meo) international checkpoint, Ban Darn, Pa Hang, and Somvang, according to the Xinhua News Agency. No ways to travel to Laos from Vietnam by road on this time. The announcement becomes effective right away until any further notice.

On March 16, Laos health authorities confirmed that the foreigners to Laos and the recently-returned Laotian students (who study in Vietnam) don’t have the Covid-19 symptoms. Besides, it’s reported that three British nationals are currently monitored and under quarantine at hotels in Luang Prabang for 14 days since March 02. At present, everybody entering Laos without the flu-like symptoms are required to take self-monitoring for 14 days. During the self-monitored period, they might go to work and do other necessary activities but avoid attending public events or crowded places. Besides, home quarantine is imposed on people who have been in close contact with people tested positive on the Covid-19.

At the port of entry, anybody with the Covid-19 symptoms will be directly taken to hospitals for testing. The scanning procedures have been tightened in order to help prevent the virus from entering Laos. Also, foreign airlines are required to check the temperature of their pilots, flight attendants, and passengers before any flights to Laos.

Covid-19 Damage to Laos Tourism

Laos is safe from Covid-19 right now. Nonetheless, traveling abroad might not be a smart choice at this moment. In an attempt to keep the country safe, Laos suspends issuing the tourist visa for 30 days; this applies to both visas on arrival and e-Visa. In particular, Laos has stopped issuing any tourist visa to Chinese passport holders. Along with that, all entertainment/recreational sites (karaoke and massage venues) should be closed.

Laos is on the high alert. In Wattay International Airport in Vientiane, all international arrivals are being scanned by the immigration officials. To sum up, all travelers entering Laos from a country with the Covid-19 infected cases will be required to self-monitor or even self-quarantine for 14 days. If they have a fever or other flu-like symptoms, they will be taken to the hospitals for testing, monitoring, and treating.

Given that the situation gets more and more serious and keeps changing, the restrictions might change. Those with travel plans should check the latest information before starting any trips abroad. Hope to have no covid-19 in Laos!

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