Traveling to Laos, a land of Buddhism where 90% of the residents are Buddhists, people should know the dos and the don’ts, and here are tips for Small Groups Tour Laos that are definitely useful. Packages for small groups are carefully planned to include the best of the country (Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Pakse, and Si Phan Don), interesting activities, Laos’s food, and more. Go on reading tips before your flights.

Have a List of Ideal Laos Small Group Tours

There are some top small group tours Laos introduced by tour agents, and you can easily search for them online. Spend time reading several itineraries of the packages before you make a final choice. For instance, the Laos Discovery Tours will take you to Vientiane and Luang Prabang for the in-depth cultural experiences, or the Luang Prabang – 4000 Islands Tour will offer the carefully designed itinerary for groups of 10 – 15 travelers.

If you work with tour agents, just select the preferred packages, and let them do the rest to ensure your time in Laos. Otherwise, if you travel on your own, it’s a good idea to set up your own itinerary based on tour suggestions. Advisably read at least three Laos Small Group Tour Packages, and you can even study the other tourists’ reviews. Contact for further information!

Visit Vientiane during a small group tour to Laos

Visit Vientiane during a small group tour to Laos

Make Sure You Enjoy Laos Food and Laos Beer

Have you ever eaten any Laos’s food? The food in Laos is traditionally special, and make sure you do not miss these outstanding dishes: “Khao Jee” (baguette), “Larb” (salad mixed with minced meat), “Khao Poon” (spicy noodle soup), sausage, and sticky rice. The special thing to know is that major spices in this country are sour, spicy, and sweet, of which the spicy taste has higher priority. About drinks, they have Laos Beer which is considered the finest beer in Southeast Asia.

Keep in Mind the Dos and the Don’ts in Laos

Having the largest number of Buddhist pagodas in the world, this country asks visitors to please respect their national Buddhism religion, the monks, and the religious constructions. Therefore, what to do in Laos are to dress politely and have appropriate manner when you visit the Buddhist sites, which means your shoulders and your knees should be covered. There are some “prohibition” signs in the religious sites, so follow the rules of photography, taking off shoes and socks before entering, etc.

What not to do in Laos are NOT to show affection like hugs or kisses in the public. And, make sure you do not touch the Laos women without their permissions, even in the massage places; if anyone has this wrong behavior, they will be reported to the police and punished immediately. Head is the most important body part in the local belief; therefore, not to touch their heads because this action signifies the serious offense. Particularly, when you experience a homestay in Laos, do not cut hair or shave in the evening, and do not sleep with your head facing the entrances. Read more do and don’t in Laos.

Exclusive experience with private tour in Laos

Exclusive experience with private tour in Laos

Get Tips about Your Personal Care Products and Money in Laos

Most of the guesthouses and hotels in Laos might not prepare toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers, shampoo, etc., for visitors. Thus, it’s always best to bring your personal care products. What’s more, you’re advised to wear soft sneakers as you’ll need to walk a lot between the attractions. The local tourist attractions accept Laos Kip, Baht Thai, and U.S. dollars. And, even in some places where the Vietnamese live, they accept the Vietnamese Dong.

Put these tips for small groups Tours in Laos into practice, and then let the peaceful charm of Laos convinces you of its natural beauty, people’s friendliness, and special culture.

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