Vang Vieng is a tourism-dedicated town covering lots of enjoyable activities for the party souls. While some people are fond of the tubing experiences in this town, the others might hold the big passion for the restless music festival.

Vang Vieng Music Festival 3 in 2017

If you missed the two previous Vang Vieng Music Fests hosted by Samart Event Organizer, Lao Bangfai, and Lao Pride Records, then this time, grasp the opportunities to join the Vang Vieng Music Festival 3 on December 15th and 16th, 2017.  There, you will savor the exciting music performances of the international and the Laotians DJs and Live Music Events. Right at Vang Vieng District, Vientiane Province, on 15th and 16th December 2017, the music festival will be held up, exhilarating the whole region.

Like the two previous celebrations, the music festival this year aims to promote the local tourism based on the beauty of the modern culture and art. This year, the event is hosted by Samart Event Organizer and Indee Records. Approved by the authorities of Vang Vieng, the upcoming music event promises to call lots of audiences to travel to Vang Vieng on their own or via the tour packages. As the event is about to come, you now can go online to search for the two previous versions of the festivals in 2016 to see how great they were. The energetic atmosphere filled with light, music, and DJs can even awake the music talent and passion in you all.

People from all corners of the world should take notes of the milestones: 15th and 16th December 2017 to gather at Vang Vieng Laos and attend the great event. There, you will find the beautifully well-blended culture and art performed by international and Laotian artists. December might turn to be the best month to visit Vang Vieng in 2017, not only because of the Music Festival but also thanks to the ideal weather conditions with the blue and sunny sky. In December, it might turn little chilly at night but the animated and exciting musical zones can warm and even heat you up.

A hot DJ at Vang Vieng Music Festival 2016

A hot DJ at Vang Vieng Music Festival 2016

Things You Must Know about Vang Vieng Laos

Vang Vieng welcomes a huge number of backpackers on the daily basis, making it the backpacking-oriented town. While its streets are filled with lots of guesthouses, bars, restaurants, street food stalls, etc., the other corners are beautified with the Nam Song River, primitive forests, rugged cliffs, mysterious caves, and more. Famed as the party destination in Laos, Vang Vieng is the best place to celebrate the Laos’s Music Festival. Even on the non-festival time, the town is packed with the backpackers and the party lovers. Hence, it is no doubt that the Vang Vieng Music Festival 3 in 2017 will be the peak time to see how exciting that this little town can turn to be.

A couple days before the 15th and 16th December 2017, take your time exploring this town and experience some of the top things to do in Vang Vieng. Not only does the town own the Music Festival, but it also delivers the fantastic settings for tubing, mountain climbing, visiting the 16th-17th-century monasteries, and exploring the Hmong villages. Among these activities, Tubing in Vang Vieng is the iconic and unique thing to carry out on Nam Song River. Be the inner-tubers, you pass by various scenic landscapes along the designated routes. The foremost requirement for tubing is that you must know how to swim.

Together with tubing, the adventurers can choose to exhilarate themselves via the hot-air balloon ride, relaxing at the Blue Lagoon, kayaking, and canoeing, biking, and rock climbing. These outdoor activities ensure that you find no boring second in the party destination of Vang Vieng. Following the same aim of the Music Festival, there stand out the efforts to promote the images of the land and people of Vang Vieng Laos to the international tourist communities. Of course, this helps to promote the local income.

Music Festival is a highlight for traveling to Vang Vieng in December

Music Festival is a highlight for traveling to Vang Vieng in December

Travel to Vang Vieng and see how Laos changes to be more exciting

Being included in the top 10 destinations in Laos, Vang Vieng owns the luxurious systems of hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc., together with the pristinely beautiful corners of Blue Lagoon. This town is about to get crowded with the tourists and vacationers which helps it to say goodbye to the infamous past. Previously, people only considered Vang Vieng as the stopover on the way from Luang Prabang to Vientiane. Nonetheless, as the town is very beautiful, it is chosen to become the tourist destination. Since then, the number of tourists getting there increases dramatically.

Around 150km from Vientiane, the charming town of Vang Vieng is the fantastic venue for the music and party souls who come to relax and steer clear of stress. More fantastically, the natural scenery is so bewitching that some individuals even love floating on the local rivers and relax amidst the picturesque settings. They enjoy this pastime for hours.

Counting down the days toward the Vang Vieng Music Festival 3 in 2017 to attend the enthralling events filled with music, light, and DJs. Also, know that this charming town offers various highlights to discover while you are waiting for the festival’s operating time. Make sure you see the Blue Lagoon – an attraction that ignites the feeling of “Avatar” film, the Tham Poukham (Cave of the Golden Crab) to cherish the interesting stalactites and stalagmites (including the ones in the shapes of the crabs) along with the bronze statue of the reclining Buddha. What’s more, Vang Vieng owns the imposing Kaeng Nyui Waterfall and Ban Patang Village on Nam Song River.

So, travel to Laos with stop at Vang Vieng and become the audiences of the exciting shows. The international and local artists will impress you all with the unique and thrilling performances via the Mask Singer motifs.  You even find no other better period to see this destination than this December 2017. The colorful, exceptional, enthusiastic, and captivating Mask Singers will keep your interest in Vang Vieng endless.

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