It’s obvious that Vang Vieng, Laos, has long been recognizable for the laid-back atmosphere as a Buddhism mecca. Therefore, when talking about Vang Vieng nightlife, please expect to have regards to several night party establishments, not the volume of hundreds. Though the number of nightspots in Vang Vieng town is limited, their quality is fantastic and high.

#1: Earth Bar – Feel Fresh and Energetic

As the name of the bar somehow tells the world about its quintessence: very friendly to nature. The bar is made from clay and driftwood, making it eco-friendly and amiable. While sipping the good drinks, the party girls and boys can enjoy the sumptuous views of the candlelit garden. Besides, the Laos foods in Earth Bar are delicious, and the popular snacks to call are toasties, waffles, and curries.

#2: Gary’s Irish Bar – A Real Friendly Venue to Gather

If you have tastes for the unpretentious party establishment, Gary’s Irish Bar is the lovely place to arrive. It is one of the best bars in the town, being famous for the incomparable friendliness and generosity. People who play in this bar are open-minded and extremely chummy to mingle with each other. While the music tunes are inspiring, the Irish meals are stunning. Also, the Laos dishes are offered greatly in this upscale venue. Some guests even claim that “If only all bar were like this.”

#3: Kangaroo Sunset Bar – Look for a Perfect Night Out!

For those adoring the sunset on Vang Vieng while drinking Laos beer, Kangaroo Sunset Bar suits meet such taste exactly. From the bar’s balcony and window, you contemplate the majestic sunset on the peaceful sky as well as the holy pagodas. In combined with the impressive lanterns, the exciting rock or the jazz music, every soul is keep exhilarating throughout the night. Don’t forget to relish some of the decent Laos-Western foods in this venue such as chicken club sandwich, pasta and salads, veggie wraps, etc.

#4: Fluid Bar – A Relaxing Bar with Cool Art

Fluid Bar is a river bar with the cool art, mosaics, pool table, trippy music, inspiring balcony, etc., which are for the true relaxation after then sunset. The bar does offer the fantastic drinks and succulent Laos-Thai dishes. Also, there are the plethora of veggie choices for almost every dieter and vegetarian all over the world.

#5: Bucket Bar – The Tourists Love This Bar Most

According to the majority of the tourists, Bucket Bar should be the best bar in Vang Vieng. Whether or not you agree, it’s true that this bar has the incredible staff, festive ambiance, and great prices. People can enjoy dancing all night long to step into the world of joy. Believably, Bucket Bar is the best place for partying after midnight, and after hours of relaxing here, everybody leaves with the smiley faces.

#6: Smile Bar – Keep the Fun and Smile

After the sun goes down, Smile Bar becomes full of visitors who come to continue the fun in Vang Vieng. Here, the DJ plays vibrant music to cheer up the tired souls, and the drinks are very appetizing. You can stay in this venue after midnight to enjoy chatting; but, please note that the bars in Laos close quite early, around the midnight. Therefore, most of the foreign guests wish to have the longer night out in Vang Vieng. Just come to self-enjoy the distinctive nightlife!

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