Most of us clearly know that Vientiane is the capital and the largest city of Laos for decades. Anyhow, it’s agreed that the capital has more friendly features of a village. Your first arrival at Vientiane is fulfilled with the nostalgic and lively contexts, where the slow pace of life is preferred. Undoubtedly, the Laos capital has the full competence to calm your mind and steer you away from stress. It sounds like you come to the different world where tension and anxiety lose their impacts.

An Overview of Vientiane – Pride of Laos People

Vientiane is the smallest capital city in Southeast Asia. Its population is just more than haft a million of inhabitants. Situated on the bend of Mekong River, the Vientiane capital welcomes all guests to go see its beauty with the absolute easiness. Just roaming around the town on foot or by bicycle to reach the laid-back scenes! The relaxing pace here gives the hustle-free Indochina tour packages to the tourists worldwide.

Vientiane houses several noteworthy attractions that you should always never miss. While the local morning markets let you witness how the locals work for their livings, the city center temples support your spirituality and belief. Meanwhile, there stands a good collection of restaurants, beer gardens, and riverside bars for the picturesque sunset view and exciting night out. Therefore, your stop at the capital will never lack excitement. Interestingly, the French colonial architecture is incorporated into many buildings available at Laos. Besides, there are many Chinese shop houses there. The Vientiane Capital offers a great choice of accommodation, and four stand out including Ansara, Green Park, Salana Boutique Hotel, and Settha Palace.

If you’re fond of walking tours, Laos is among the best traveling options. With the tree-lined boulevards and low traffic density, the capital ignites the guests’ interest in walking to explore the historic temples and pagodas around such as Wat Ho Phakeo (a former royal temple), and Wat Sisaket (the very old temple in Vientiane housing hundreds of small Buddha images). In fact, there are many Buddhist monuments, tourist attractions available and some of the most famous names are Pha That Luang, Wat Si Muang, Patuxai, Buddha Park, Haw Phra Kaew, Lao National Museum, Talat Sao Morning market, etc. Just reach the Vientiane’s Wattay International Airport, the influx of tourists will be taken directly to the laid-back capital of Laos.

Do as the Laos Do When You Are in Laos

Due to its size, navigating Vientiane is quite easy and sightseeing over the whole capital can be completed either on foot or by bicycle. The green rice paddies become the most frequent-seen background along the route. You’re put in the bustle-free atmosphere where everybody is motivated to slow down their life pace. “Please show down” is the popular joke here, so you’d better put your tress behind the back throughout your Vientiane discovery tours. The laid-back zone is what many visitors desire in order to revitalize their life and regain their lost energy. With a good camera on hand, do feel free to record your peaceful trips to the beautifully harmonious capital and its surrounding essentials where history and modernity are blended well.

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