Vientiane used to be the tranquil little town, but now, this destination becomes trendy with lots of night party establishments for tourists to play after dinner. Several famous nightlife venues have been famous for ages and still attract the new guests. Besides, there are many newly built bars and pubs that renew the face of Vientiane nightlife when the sun goes down. Just roam around downtown until you stop at the favorite venue! Here are the top 5 places to stay vigorous and spirited during the night time in Vientiane.

#1: Lao Bowling Centre

For the funny night out, many families with kids choose to visit the Lao Bowling Centre in Vientiane, the kicking entertainment venue. After the sunset, this Centre becomes full of music and games for the visitors to play throughout the night. The average price per game is 15.000 – 20.000 kip (USD$2- USD$3). The lively and joyful atmosphere in this recreational spot keeps you sleepless because there are numerous excellent games to try out, and of course, bowling is the highlight. The center is likely to close at 01:00 or later, and the peak hour is around 22:00. 

Operational Hours: 09:00 – 01:00 (or later)
Address: Boulevard Khunbulom, Vientiane 

#2: Martini Lounge Bar

Martini Lounge is the lovely cocktail bar to enrich your evening entertainment. With the tasty cocktails, the Fire and Ice vodka-based mixture, and the entertaining movie shows or live music events, this bar attracts the expats and local coming to stay spirited. Also, the two-for-one cocktail happy hours (from 18:00 to 19:30) in the periods between Monday and Wednesday make up the real fame for Martini Lounge Bar in which people come to check luck and get fun.

Operational Hours: 17:00 – Midnight
Address: Nokeo Khumman, Vientiane 

#3: Bor Pen Nyang Bar

This is the most famous bar in Vientiane with the fascinating view of the marvelous Mekong River and the friendly settings for backpackers, expats, and locals. Come to this bar, people find it energetic to join the lively conversation, even with the sociable strangers. The décor of the bar inside gain scores while the delicious menu sets ensure you relish the yummy foods & drinks. For the primitive nightlife in Vientiane, a night at Bor Pen Nyang Bar leaves you with the super fun.

Operational hours: 11:00 – 24:00
Address: Close to Nam Pu Fountain Bor Pen Pyang, Wat Chanh 

#4: Vientiane Night Market & Mekong River

When the night dyes the sky in Vientiane, Mekong River area becomes the most bustling night venue in the city. The passer-by is quickly attracted by the animated Night Market full of souvenir booths in this area. As night hours pass, the market in Mekong River zone becomes more crowded with both the locals and the expats. People come to shop, exercise, eat, and drink. These night activities may last from the sunset to midnight.

Operational Hours: 18:00 – midnight
Address: Next to Chao Anouvong Park 

#5: Chokdee Café and Belgian Beer Bar

As its name suggests, this night party establishment is dedicated to café and beer serving the sleepless souls. There is a vast collection of the international lagers, ales, and ciders in this bar. And more particularly, the toast cannot be complete without the local Lao beer. The bar also fulfills your stomach with lots of snacks guaranteeing you to play sleeplessly even at midnight.

Operational Hours: 17:00 – Midnight
Address: Quai Fa Ngum, Vientiane

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