Vientiane is a beautiful capital city in Laos which owns lots of amazing highlights such as Pha That Luang (the Great Stupa), Wat Si Muang, Patuxai Victory Monument, Wat Si Saket, and the Buddha Park (also called Xieng Khuan). Any travel to Vientiane should include the stop at the impressive Buddha Park so that the visitors can cherish various Buddha images amidst the flowery and green landscapes.

Get to know Vientiane Buddha Park

Buddha Park (Xieng Khuan) is the park of Buddha sculptures situated around 25km southeast of Vientiane. This area includes numerous revered religious images, resulting in the name of Xieng Khuan which means “The Spirit City.” Constructed in 1958 by Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat (the priest-shaman who followed both Hinduism and Buddhism), this park has more than 200 Buddha and Hindu statues scattered throughout the land. Some statues are put amidst the plant and flower pots that create the fantastic look. Walking around the park can calm people’s mind with the long impression.

There, you find the intricate and ornate sculptures of gods, humans, animals, and even demons made from cement. The bizarre designs and the stories of the three levels: Hell – Earth – Heaven can trigger the visitors’ curiosity. Some of the most notable attractions in the Park are the giant pumpkin, the 3m-tall demon head, the staircases from hell to heaven, the 40m-long reclining Buddha, etc. In each of the level, you see the illustrated sculptures. There is also the vantage point in which you obtain the panorama of the whole park.

As Xieng Khuan is open as the public park, it welcomes the domestic and foreign guests to enjoy the peaceful walking and contemplate the religious sculptures. The park is also considered as the local tourist attraction which contributes to the choices of highlights in Vientiane. Note that the highest structures in the Park are visible from the Thailand side of the Mekong River.

Buddha Park - Thing to see while travelling to Vientiane Laos

Buddha Park – Thing to see while travelling to Vientiane Laos

Buddha Park – The Indispensable Part in Vientiane Tour Packages

Most of Vientiane tour packages take the tourists to Buddha Park via the scenic drive along the Mekong riverside, about 25km from the city center. The park delivers the peaceful and revered atmosphere with hundreds of the religious sculptures; some are very massive and some are bizarre. The scenery is much fantastic with the garden, forest, waterfall, and the mighty Mekong River.

The ideal spot for photography in Buddha Park in Vientiane is at the peak of the giant pumpkin including three stories depicting the three levels of Hell – Earth – Heaven. The thrill-seekers might feel interested in the entrance crafted like the demon’s mouth. Inside the structure, you find the stone staircases to reach the top for the bird-eye views of the entire Buddha Park. In that moments, raise your camera and take the nice pictures. The green grass background dotted with the enormous religious structure creates the peerless photographs.

Together with the 40m-long reclining Buddha and the giant pumpkin, take time looking for the King of Hindu Gods riding the three-headed elephants, the four-armed deity on a horse, the deity with 12 faces, etc. The statues have the enormous sizes, engaging details, and interesting motifs. After walking and climbing in the Xieng Khuan Park, let’s relax at the nearby eatery and coffee shop which overlook the powerful Mekong River. Get opportunities to taste the well-known papaya salad, the fried bananas, and the cold Laos’s beer. What’s more, stop by the souvenir shops to purchase some cute items before saying goodbye to the intricate site.

Buddha Park (aka Xieng Khuan)

Working time: 08:00 – 18:00 every day

Address: Around 25km southeast of Vientiane, along the scenic Mekong River

Just make sure that your itinerary includes the time for unwinding in the Vientiane Buddha Park.

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