If you’re looking for a land of festival, Laos is one of the top candidates. Due to the rich culture and religion, Laos is full of the matchless festivals. The tourists coming to this peaceful country will be amazed at its rich collection of the national and regional events that are celebrated due to many good reasons. Based on the Laos calendar, we are eager to list some of the most remarkable Laotian Festivals out there. If your holiday takes place right on the event celebration, you get the endless fun and joy.

Pi Mai New Year Festival (14-16 April)

This is the traditional festival of the Laotians, which usually occurs in the mid-April. The Lao New Year Festval Pi Mai is marked with a wide array of traditional rites and customs which engage in some particular materials. During the festive days, the locals use water to wash their homes and the Buddha statues. Meanwhile, there stands an interesting ritual to enjoy. The children are taught the ways to pour water on their elders with respect. The monks are in charge of blessing or praying for the peace and long life. When people throw water at each other, they are sharing the good wishes to friends and even the passers-by. A meaningful way to reach the goodness is to set some animals free such as fish, crabs, tortoises, birds, eels, or any other small animals. What’s more, fresh flowers are the keys of this festival. They are collected to make the Buddha images decent.

Marha Puha Festival (Mid February)

In order to commemorate the speech of Buddha, this event is celebrated on the full-moon night of February. The speech was legendarily said to attract thousands of enlightened monks coming without a previous announcement. This religious festival in Laos is noted by the immense parade of worshippers who are carrying the candles, chanting, and making offerings in the Laos temples.

Boun Bang Fai (Rocket Festival – May)

May is the driest month of the year in Laos. To wish for the rain, the Laotians launch the big homemade rockets into the sky since they believe that the celestial beings will notice such rockets and send down the rain later. The rockets are made by the Buddhist monks that use the hollow bamboo tubes and gun power for the completion. Today, this event is renewed with the competitions to find the highest, quickest, and most beautiful rockets. The higher a rocket flies up, the more rewarding its creator feel. Otherwise, the makers of the dropped rockets are thrown in the mud. The popularly animated festival is savored by numerous tourists. Expect to find parades, songs, parties, and dance at the 2-day dramatic festival.

Boun Souang Heua (Boat Racing Festival – August)

This festival is held in Luang Prabang that engages in the boat racing on the Nam Khan River. The athletes come for victory and show off their physical strength. The races often start at the midday and completes prior to the sunset.

Pha That Luang Festival (full moon November)

It is a religious festival lasting a week. Many monks will assemble to get the alms and floral votives in the early morning at the first festive day. There is the lively procession from Wat Si Muang to Pha That Luang. It also covers the presence of music and firework.

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