Some young tourists have no idea about Pakse, the capital of Champasak Province in Laos, but none can deny the fact that Pakse is the extraordinary attraction to see. Thanks to the innovative airport, Pakse today has the swift connection to the famous Siem Reap, Vientiane, and Bangkok. Especially, for a joyful Laos culinary tour, Pakse has many authentic eateries to delight the foodies. If you are unclear about where to eat in Pakse Laos, we list out the best dining areas to settle down for succulent foods, let’s try during your tours in Laos !

Jasmine Restaurant in Pakse Laos#1: Jasmine Restaurant

Located in the center of Pakse, Jasmine Restaurant offers the considerably inexpensive and favorite Indian dishes for the local and international patrons. When you’re in Jasmine, take it easy to order the iconic foods of the site namely roti and curry. Every time you come, the delicate tastes will delight your palate. This restaurant is often packed with crowds of tourists who come to check what they might hear about Jasmine in Pakse.

Location: Road 13

Working time: 06:30 – 23:00 every day

Hasan Indian Restaurant in Pakse Laos#2: Hasan Indian Restaurant

Thanks to the long-lasting connection to the Indian cuisine, there stand lots of fantastic Indian restaurants in Pakse, and Hasan Indian is amongst the best names to discover. Though some people claim that the foods here are expensive, many connoisseurs point out that the cooking materials in Hasan are fresh and high-quality enough to create the very appetizing dishes. Therefore, they are worth the prices as well as the culinary experience. No other eatery in Pakse can match the Indian foods in Hansa Indian.

Location: Road 13

Working time: 07:00 – 22:30 every day

Le Panorama in Pakse Laos#3: Le Panorama

Set on the roof of Pakse Hotel, Le Panorama is fancy, overlooking the peaceful scenery of Pakse, which makes it ideal for cherishing sundowners. This restaurant does have the very delicious and plentiful dishes that fit the criteria of backpackers, local publics, and even the prestigious gourmets. The like-minded foodies make it the chummy venue to savor the Laos foods and French fusions. Dining in one of the tallest buildings in the town, the patrons enjoy sightseeing the whole scene of Pakse in miles. What a luxurious experience!

Location: Pakse Hotel, Road 5

Working time: 12:00 – 22:30 every day

Kutuad Coffee in Pakse Laos#4: Kutuad Coffee

This coffee shop is recognized for its pure and simple traits decorated in almost every corner of the shop. Katuad Coffee is the paradise for the fanciers of the caffeinated beverages. Usually, loads of coffee lovers gather in this decent place to savor the favorite drink while surfing the Internet. Of course, the culinary experience here cannot be complete if you don’t evaluate the foods in this eatery. It does offer the big range of Laos and Western dishes that are perfect for brunch as well as dinner. On the same road with Katuad Coffee restaurant, Panda Café and Bolaven Cafes are also very lovely and attractive.

Location: Road 13

Working time: 07:00 – 22:30

Restaurant Icy Pooh in Pakse Laos#5: Restaurant Icy Pooh

This is the popular shelter for the adolescents in Pakse to assemble on the weekend. Come to Icy Pool Restaurant, people stick themselves to the special ice cream and chop some stuff on to eat their favorite cream set. As the restaurant is run by the Vietnamese family, expect to see the culinary mixture of the Laos and Vietnamese cuisine here.

Location: At the end of Road 13

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