The dining scenery in Vang Vieng, Laos has much to entertain gourmets. You find a plethora of foods, from the Asian stir-fired dishes to pasta, soups, salad, pizza, etc. If these mouth-watering names are to your liking, then just pick up any of the following fantastic restaurants where to eat in Vang Vieng to stay happy throughout the culinary adventure in this laid-back destination.

The Top Restaurants to Eat in Vang Vieng Town

First of all, The Moon Restaurant is the very charming address with vast dining space for couples, groups of friends, families who are eager for the traditional Laos food. Also, the new guests find it interesting to get services from the Laos girls that promote Tiger/Namkhong beer. For the real Laos culinary experience, The Moon Restaurant is the worthwhile and safe venue to gather.

The next outstanding dining spot is Phai Kham Restaurant, which is highly suggested by the locals. If you’re finding some appetizing dishes in a tranquil atmosphere, this place is for you. Once the full plates of the desired dishes are ready to serve, you even cannot stop savoring all of them. Trust this!

And if you appreciate the nice view during mealtime, come to Kangaroo Sunset Restaurant & Bar – the ideal place to contemplate the majestic sunset on Vang Vieng town. In the zone full of loud music and party, do feel free to sip the cold beer and eat the tasty burgers. What apparently sets this restaurant & bar apart is the breezy pavilion for everybody to play. The music here is vibrant, and the foods are really savory. On par with the Kangaroo Sunset, the Gary’s Irish Bar offers the tasty Laos dishes in the drinking venue, especially at night.

What’s more, if you prefer dining in a chummy and cozy ambiance, Mamma Sababa is a place to go. It is the home-like restaurant, offering the imposing views as well as the reasonably priced yet delicious foods and drinks.

For the true Thai curry out of Bangkok right in Vang Vieng, it’s motivated to head towards Viman Vang Vieng restaurant. Another popular establishment for the Thai foods in Laos is Fasai Restaurant. The locals love the Laos – Thai music and food here. Besides, this address does offer Laos laap to the customers if requested. And, if suddenly you feel like eating hot pots in a Korean style, please visit Peeping Som’s – the Lao/Korean-style barbecue eatery for connoisseurs of all class.

Restaurants to Eat in Vang Vieng Town

For Vegetarians in Vang Vieng Laos

As you’re traveling to Vang Vieng, Laos – the Buddhism mecca, it is not a big surprise that some tourists prefer eating the vegetarian foods to anything else. Therefore, people find it crucial to spend some words about the beautiful restaurants for the vegetarians.

  • Central Backpackers Restaurant has a nice collection of the vegetarian pizzas and favorites for the non-meat gourmets worldwide
  • Veggie Tables is right in the center of Vang Vieng, welcoming all like-minded veggies.
  • Fluid owns a plethora of healthy salads and veggie main courses to suit almost every dietary and vegetarian requirements.

All in all, it’s quite redundant to worry about that the stomach may be treated badly right in Vang Vieng. Rather, there are dozens of lovely places to eat here, and you will, for sure, leave this laid-back town with the smiley belly.

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