Go vacationing in Vientiane; Laos has long been the top choice of many tourists who prefer the laid-back atmosphere to the bustling one. The culinary scene in Vientiane is spotlighted with many stilted Laos restaurants overlooking the romantic rivers, and a broad range of dining areas serving distinct European and Southeast Asian dishes. The French restaurants remind us of the land’s past colonization while the neighboring Vietnam and Thailand have the strong impact on the Laotian cuisine.

There are dozens of good restaurants in Vientiane, so, where to eat in Vientiane? If you just ask for the best names, here are the top 5 dining venues to visit.

#1: Kualao Restaurant

Kualao Restaurant Vientiane

Positioned in the heart of Vientiane, Kualao Restaurant is noted for yummy foods and beautiful layout of the classic colonial mansion. This is the long established and easily recognizable dining venue in the capital of Laos. Besides the classic face, Kualao offers a rich menu of Laotian favorites like papaya salad, handmade Laotian sausage, deep-fried Mekong River fish, etc. The daily dance show performance from National Dance Troupe does attract more guests.

Operational Hours: 11:00 – 23:30
Address: 141 Samsenthai Road

#2: Vanthong Evening Food Market

Vanthong Evening Food Market

This is the awesome place to savor the samples of Laotian foods that the locals eat every day. In Vanthong Food Market, you find lots of cheap yet delectable foods just in Laos. The market brings you closer to the Laotian fusion than elsewhere. After the sun goes down, the market becomes animated with lots of cookers who are busy at preparing a variety of foods to serve the new guests. The lively and joyful atmosphere is the fantastic backdrop for photographing while eating the delicious dishes.

Operational Hours: 17:00 – 22:00
Address: Vanthong Food Market, Boulevard Khounboulom 

#3: Kong View Restaurant  Kong View Restaurant Vientiane


If looking for a gorgeous setting to eat the great mix of Laotian, Thai, and Western foods, Kong View Restaurant is a place to settle. It also offers a beautiful view of Mekong River so that you have the inspiration to eat and relax. People coming here always feel welcoming thanks to the stunning river view, the impressive menus, and the pleasant mood. If preferring the air-conditioned zone, you can eat indoor but this will cost the lovely river scene.

Operational Hours: 12:00 – 23:00
Address: 183 Souphanouvong Rd, Vientiane 

#4: That Dame Wine House

That Dame Wine House

Only a few steps from the symbolic That Dam (black stupa) roundabout, the That Dam Wine House stands out as the romantic restaurant for you to taste various primary Laotian dishes like fried rice, red curry, T-bone steak, lamb tenderloin, etc. Especially at night, the restaurant becomes more special than ever with the illuminated giant stupa nearby. As its name indicates, this dining venue offers a broad range of international wines for the wine fans all over the world.

Operational hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Address: That Dam Roundabout, Rue Chanthakoumanne 

#5: Vieng Sawan Vietnamese Restaurant

Vieng Sawan Vietnamese Restaurant

This restaurant impresses the connoisseurs at the first sight with the fancy menus with photos of the Vietnamese and Laotian dishes such as fried spring rolls, Vietnamese beef hotpot, juicy pork meatballs, etc., at the low prices. The quality of the food is high and verified that makes Vieng Sawang the culinary haven for backpackers.

Operational Hours: 09:00 – 22:00
Address: Rue Heng Boun, Vientiane

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