As a culturally affluent magnet for tourists to recognize the real charm of Laos, Vientiane attracts people to join its laid-back and traditional zone. If you’re unsure about where to stay in Vientiane for a sound sleep, here are several top hotels and guesthouses ensuring you regain the lost energy and relax in the comfortable beds.

The Most Luxurious and Popular Hotels in Vientiane

Settha Palace Hotel Vientiane

It’s not random that the majority of the tourists book rooms at some hotels in Vientiane, making them the most popular accommodation addresses. Based on the clients’ votes and comments, several outstanding names are sorted out for your quick reference. They include the Settha Palace Hotel, Dhavara Boutique Hotel, Green Park Boutique Hotel, Rashmi’s The Plaza Vientiane, Salana Boutique Hotel, City Inn Vientiane, and Best Western Vientiane Hotel.

Dozens of positive comments about these popular hotels have been posted to give the new guests the right directions to the guaranteed addresses. As an illustration, amidst the laid-back atmosphere in Vientiane, there stands a luxurious establishment of Settha Palace Hotel, which was built approximately in 1932. At present, this opulent construction serves as the hard evidence of the lost long time with the classic French colonial elegance and the hotel great service. Settha Palace Hotel is often put high on the list of the most luxurious hotels in Vientiane, and in fact, this family-run accommodation venue belongs to the upscale class. When you travel to Vientiane, the day-and-night stay at Settha Palace Hotel perfects the trip.

Another fantastic choice is Dhavara Boutique Hotel, the 4-star venue nearby the airport. You can get free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel at ease. Dhavara is the favorite address for the international guests who appreciate the international cuisine and the global-standard facilities. It is also the upscale hotel for the high-class tourists who agree to use the money to buy the excellent comfort. The other expensive names above are all superb and praiseworthy; they offer the prices of around USD$100/night associated with lots of promotions for some particular periods.

The Most Budget Hotels in Vientiane

Avilla Phasouk Hotel Luang Prabang

For the cheap accommodations in Vientiane, here are the good names whose prices are sorted from low to high respectively. You can come to check them out: Villa Lao Hotel, Khamkhoun Hotel, Douangpraseuth Hotel, Mekong Hotel, Lalco AR Hotel, Riverside Palace Hotel, Lao Golden Hotel, Avilla Phasouk Hotel, Vientiane Garden Hotel, Vansana Vientiane – Ban Phonthan, Vientiane Garden Hotel, and Mercure Vientiane. The average prices for these establishments may range from USD$18 to USD$58/night.

In summary, though Vientiane is NOT the paradise of the luxurious hotels, this city meets the clients’ taste for comfort and elegance. Obviously, there are dozens of accommodation choices in Vientiane for the new guests to book and evaluate, ranging from the upscale hotels to the budget ones. The level of comfort, of course, lies in the cash amount that you’re ready to pay. Anyhow, Vientiane will never let you drowse on the streets. Just pick up some of the recommended hotels above for your upcoming trip to Vientiane so that you avoid being aimless and bewildering in the new, laid-back land. Once you find the fantastic places to lay the head, you feel refreshed and energetic for the alive and kicking Vientiane nightlife.

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